Marilyn Baer

July 15, 2010

Marilyn Baer

Marilyn Baer

Title: Master Coordinator
Join Date: November 1976

Her passion for the planet began in 1970 when she was a college student at Stonehill College and participated in the very first Earth Day celebrations. So when cousins Jill and Edward Lamoureaux (Master Coordinators, NH) introduced her to Shaklee in 1976, she saw the opportunity as an extension of her desire to be more active in conservation issues. “When I joined Shaklee in 1976, I was very impressed that Shaklee was printing their brochures on recycled paper,” says Marilyn. “Even in 1976, Shaklee was spreading the word by printing on Basic-H® brochures the statement, ‘Recycled paper, like recycling water, is another way of preserving Nature’s resources.’ Not many companies were doing that.”

So Marilyn began building her Shaklee business with the goal of sharing the products and the mission. “I fell in love with the products and Dr. Shaklee’s philosophy of Living in Harmony with Nature™ and wanted to share both with others, wherever I could.” Over the years she has built a thriving Shaklee organization, advancing to the rank of Master Coordinator in 1983 while pregnant with her son Ryan, generating an average of 200,000 BGV and $17,000 in earnings every month. And for Marilyn, building her business fit nicely with her goal to help others and help the planet. “Through my Shaklee business, I am able to express my commitment to Creating Healthier Lives® with Shaklee products—nutritional products for our health and Get Clean® products for our health and the health of our earth—all while earning a good income.”

But Marilyn was not content to just share the green message at In-Homes and One-on-One presentations. She also participated in and carved out new community-based opportunities to spread the word about environmental responsibility and Shaklee.

In 2006 Marilyn created “Mid-Coast Maine is Going Green” to raise awareness by creating a wider circle of influence for sharing the green message and Shaklee products. “I wanted to be able to introduce Shaklee Get Clean products to the community in a professional way and I felt it was important to take a leadership role in my community to help residents of Mid-Coast Maine become more aware of the importance of using non-toxic cleaning products in homes, offices, schools, restaurants, inns, Bed & Breakfasts, cleaning services, etc. I also want others to be aware of Shaklee Corporation’s commitment to the protection of our environment. I began with a flyer announcing that Mid-Coast Maine is Going Green and inviting people to join us in this endeavor by changing brands to Shaklee non-toxic cleaning products.”

Through ‘Mid-Coast Maine is Going Green,’ Marilyn is raising awareness and reaching more people and organizations with Shaklee. “Our visibility in the community is growing and we are helping to raise the community’s awareness about green issues. We’re hosting activities, participating in major events around our area and we’re introducing Shaklee Get Clean products to local establishments and businesses.” Marilyn is also a founding member of Build Green Maine, an organization that brings together businesses in Maine dedicated to the green movement and green awareness.

Her advice to others Distributors looking to build a business with Get Clean and share Shaklee’s message of responsible environmental stewardship is simple, “Use every Get Clean product, show the Get Clean DVD to as many people as possible and get involved in local green projects such as recycling. You will meet people of like minds and when you start meeting people, be pro-active and talk Green and Get Clean with pride and conviction—understand Shaklee’s environmental heritage and share this information with as many people as possible.”

“I am proud to be acknowledged for my environmental stewardship and appreciate the privilege to introduce individuals and businesses, and others to our wonderful green Get Clean® products.”


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