Alan and Lou Ann Salmon

July 1, 2010
Alan and Lou Ann Salmon

Alan and Lou Ann Salmon

Title: Executive Coordinators
Join Date: April 2006

Congratulations to New Shaklee Executive Coordinators, Alan and Lou Ann Salmon who began building a Shaklee business as a way to shore up their retirement. Now they work with a dynamic team of Leaders and have discovered an unexpected passion.

After 30 years of sacrifices in the restaurant industry we found ourselves without a solid retirement plan. We saw the Shaklee opportunity and knew that this was a business that could produce the best financial future for us with the least amount of overhead.

We have been able to build our organization entirely through the Internet. Because of that, our team is scattered throughout North America, and we quickly came to realize just how important it was to stay plugged in with each other on a consistent basis.

The key to our success is staying connected. Our team (Star*Team) offers our group 15 online training and meeting opportunities every week. Through these online events we build strong relationships, we teach the Shaklee culture, and we present the opportunity to our prospects. As a result, our group has developed camaraderie and a strong commitment, not only to our businesses, but to each other.

This year, we’re excited to have a new Senior Coordinator team (Cheryl and Daniel Dealbert, CA) who started in 2009 and promoted two ranks in one month… twice! And another team on the FastTRACK (Lynn and Steve Byrne, CA) who promoted from Star Associate to Coordinator in just 7 months! We’ve doubled our Business Leader count and our BGV over the past 12 months, and three of our leaders will be joining us on the Imagine 2010 Incentive Cruise as a direct result of our process.

Our “tipping point” was experiencing our first Global Conference in Nashville in 2007 as New Directors. When Roger walked out on the stage, he had us with “Hello Shaklee Family.”

Because Global Conference had such an impact on our business growth, it has become a key element in our strategy. Over the past 2 years we have seen a direct correlation between the number of team members who attend, and the growth of our group. We can honestly say that if we had not attended that first year, we don’t know if we’d still be in the business today.

Helping so many others experience success has changed our motivation. What started out strictly as a business decision evolved into so much more…a passion to help other people obtain better health and a brighter financial future.


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